Even though out of court conflict resolution remains our priority, the judicial path can often be the only effective way to defend our clients’ rights and interests. From J Salas Aviles Asociados   we handle the representation and defense of our clients before Courts and the competent domestic and international arbitration forums.

Services in procedural, civil, commercial and labour law:

  • Legal counsel on all types of proceedings, appeals and assistance in all phases of the various proceedings
  • Legal observations on the risks associated with specific situations
  • Preventive studies aimed at identifying possible legal risks and preventive planning to avoid them
  • Preparation of pre-trial strategies to ensure better defending of our clients’ interests

Services in domestic and international arbitration

  • Study of arbitrations court’s selection and the law applicable to the arbitration proceedings
  • Drafting of submission to arbitration clauses and framework of legal norms applicable to them
  • Representation in domestic and international arbitrations
  • Handling of the execution of foreign arbitral awards
  • Contestation of arbitral awards

Mediating services

  • Representation in civil, commercial, industrial property and copyright proceedings
  • Service as mediators